Pozar:Quest For Gold Release and Sale 50%

As the sun sets over the horizon, I find myself standing here in the heart of the forest at Pozar Baths in Greece, in the year 2100. My name is Dias, and I was once a financial advisor, to a notorious Mexican drug cartel. But that life now seems like a distant memory.

The Earth has been destroyed, by an alien invasion and humans have been living underground, for many years. But just a few days ago, the International Space Agency, announced that it will give spaceships to those who carry gold so that they can escape to the planet Mars, and save themselves from the Aliens. For this, the cartel assigned me a terrifying mission. I have been trapped in this dense and unforgiving forest because my fingerprint is the only one, that can unlock 12 ATM machines, that have gold plates stored inside. If I unlock them and hand them over to the cartel, they will free my beloved wife Athena and my only son Hermes, who they are holding prisoner, and give us a spaceship so we can go to the planet Mars.

” My love, I promise, I will come to save you “

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