Defend from Candyland! full release!

Hello everyone! I am quite new to Itch (just created my account today)

I have just created an Itch page for Defend from Candyland! here:

I was originally going to be posting Steam keys to sell on this page (and have in fact done so) but it seems I still can’t sell the game on here unless I upload the files anyway? So, would you want a non-Steam version of this game, that doesn’t have the achievements or public leaderboard available? Or is there something I am missing on how to do this? 

Well, if you love Tower Defence games, come check out Defend from Candyland! there has been multiple Twitch and YouTube streams of this game by different people who have all enjoyed the game! Don’t take my word for it though, check out this recent review on Fusion R Gamer by RetroFaith!

You can also check out this video by ChaoticFear19!

If Defend from Candyland! looks good to you, check it out on Steam

I would love to hear your feedback on this, my very first Steam game release and the first game I have made all of the art for too! 

Kind Regards

Michael “MI Pixel” Ingram


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