Hello game makers/players. The long project I have worked on during my free time while studying at University, Rabbit’s Rescue, is finally released. Now that I’m beginning a PHD, it’s time for me for new project. I hope you’ll enjoy the game and if you don’t, tell me what bothered you so I can improve for the next one (even in PHD, I’ll try to find some time to develop some stuff 😉 ).

About the game : You’re a cute little Rabbit, working for a spatial agency, on a mission to rescue your co-workers. They have faced an unexpected threat and they are now lost in different planets of the galaxy.

Your only tool to accomplish the mission is the PTDB (Portable Trans-Dimensional Burrow). An amazing device that allows you to store usefull things in another dimension. You can then deploy the objects you stored to overcome various obstacles, beat ennemies and solve some puzzles. You’ll have to chose wisely what to store and how to use the tools you’ll find in your environment to progress on those hostiles planets.

I guess it’ll be clearer with the trailer : 

If you’re interested, you can buy the game for 2 euros on this page : https://super-strigidae.itch.io/rabbits-rescue

Well guess that’s all I had to say, on that, I wish you a good day and a good luck for whatever project you’re pursuing (except if your project hurt people in some way). Have a good day you all 🙂 .

Source: itch.io