My new game Haze can now be played in browser for free

Rumour has it that a treasure chest was hidden in an old hedge maze. Many have tried to find it but few have returned, and they only brought back a handfull of gems. They claimed that the maze faded in and out of existance and a ghost chased them relentlessly from dusk until dawn.

Scoffing at their foolishness you decided to try your luck. As soon as you entered the maze the door slammed shut behind you and locked! Was that a maniacal laugh you heard in the distance? Surely it must have just been the wind. No matter, you have no choice now but to venture further into the maze…

Explore the maze, collect 4 keys to unlock the exit and gather all 15 gems to reveal the location of the hidden treasure chest.


  • Atari 2600 inspired graphics.
  • A new randomly generated maze each play through.
  • Haze effect which makes the maze slowly fade away over time.
  • Day to night time cycle.
  • 4 difficulty modes, including Nightmare where the sun never rises.


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