I’d like to introduce you to our new game asset pack – the “Fantasy TCG Card Design Kit”. If you’re developing a trading card game, this asset kit might be just what you need.

Fantasy TCG Card Design Kit

The TCG Asset Kit includes a comprehensive card design with varying shapes, colors, and symbols representing attributes such as attack, defense, energy, cost, etc. Additionally, you’ll receive 300 fantasy-themed images (AI-generated), including wolves, warlocks, magicians, warriors, werewolves, druids, etc. These images match the card design and bring a touch of magic to your project.

The kit also includes five early access shader-animated images. Our final goal is to animate all of our images, at least 10%. These shaders were made in Unity.

With the PSD file, you can easily customize the card design and arrange the elements to your liking, bringing your fantasy vision to life. Currently, this kit offers 200 green-tinted images and 100 red-tinted images. In a future update, we will be adding an additional 100 red-tinted images and 200 blue-tinted images, free of charge.

We recommend utilizing our PSD file or creating a new one to design your card. This allows you to add your own effects to our elements to ensure a more seamless final product. A brief tutorial can be found here:

Technical details
The images have a resolution of 512×512 pixels, making them the ideal size for design purposes. The base card design measures 715×1020 pixels and may vary depending on the final design.
The images are a fusion of personal artwork and AI-generated graphics, serving as templates or undergoing further refinement in Photoshop. This includes adding new details, correcting errors, and enhancing the overall quality.
Please be aware that currently, the shader variants are only compatible with Unity’s Built-in Shadersystem. If you intend to use these images on UI, you must ensure that the Render-Mode is set to screen space camera (as demonstrated in our DemoShader). However, we plan to add support for HDRP and URP in future updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or on our Discord.

We strive to cater to specific requests and cover the following areas while we continue to work on this set:

  • Removing any distracting artifacts from images
  • Fulfilling requests for images that haven’t been created yet, such as creatures, motifs, or spells
  • Implementing images that users would like to see as shader variants

Of course, we cannot accommodate every feature request and we are not sure of the speed at which we can release updates
Source: itch.io