Super Smash Bros Resistance, as some of you might already know, was a huge success when I first released it on both gamejolt and! It’s become so popular in fact, that I’ve decided to update the game to version 1.1, which changes lots of things, while also adding some new features as well!

The amount of characters that can be chosen in a fight has been updated from a simple 2v2 match, to a hectic 4v4 match. As a result of this change, the “turns” battle mode has been removed and will not be available for future updates to the game. The picture provided below will show you an example of what an 8 bot smash will look like: 

Don’t worry, we’re scared too…

8 Player Smash
A Picture showcasing what 4v4 matches for Resistance looks lik
Finally, we have the release date for each version of the game. Shown below are the release dates for version 1.1 for each site:

Gamejolt: 19/3/23 4/4/23

That’s it for now, but don’t threat! Resistance will get another update real soon, this information may keep others entertained for a while. So enjoy the current version for now: Super Smash Bros Resistance by MultiverseRumble ( and feel free to leave you’re thoughts, and I’ll type again soon with more updates for the game!


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