SKULLFracture is back, bigger and better than ever! 

With new features, more characters and several gameplay improvements, this is gonna be the definitive way to play the game!

SKULLFracture World Tour is an isometric 3D fighting game where the goal is to kick your opponent our of the ring! Select among the many characters, customize your experience and have fun with friends!


I have decided to make the early access of this game available to the public as i continue its development to gather feedback… and hopefully make me less lazy. God, i’ve been so lazy lately, please be very rude if you have to. 

Features present in the current build:

-21 selectable characters

-28 stats for each character (as opposed to 30 Days’ 11)

-10 selectable arenas

-Various customization options

-6 upgrades/downgrades

-Local multiplayer exhibition (select online mode)

-Controller support

-Single player exhibition

Features to implement in the next build:

-Proper icons for each character

-Stats displaying for each character

-Better character balancing

-A campaign mode

-An online mode

See you soon hopefully.


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