Piertje is a solarpunk seaside community located on the New-Dutch coastline. Despite so much being lost to the unpredictable tides and weather, the people that live there are driven to take care of themselves, each other, and the world around them.

It is also home to Stick, a teenage capybara wild about all things plant, who decides that they are done mourning the loss of local plant life and decides to give the beaten-down native plant life a chance to thrive again. 

So begins the wholesome adventure to restore their past in order to create a better future! Play as Stick as you search for the lost plants and help the community so that they both can thrive. 🌱✨

NOTE: New Roots is a short game. Estimated 1 hour completion time.

  • A beautiful futuristic solarpunk setting full of unique pixel art and animation 🌷
  • An optimistic outlook on global warming and focus on how we can still make positive change 🌼
  • Restore real-life plants that are being threatened by global warming and its consequences 🌹
  • A broad scope of charming queer, neurodivergent and disabled representation 🌻

New Roots was co-created by Maya Bloem and The_NerdyBirdy.