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Introduction:Hi there guys my Name is Archeon I’m a music composer and a drummer. I make BGM and lo-fi music is one of my main creation. Other music that I create are drum and bass, orchestra music, artcore and future bass (both recently).  Also I’m starting to use as one of my platform to sell some of my music as well giving some freebies.

Which is why I’m starting to post this one a Lo-fi Album that you can download it at page (press the “Shop” to get directed to the my page).

Its a lo-fi hip-hop album that contain 7 music that I made by myself.  it was released like last year but I’m going to make it available in too. It took me a while to finish the song and make it good as possible. The main  theme of the lo-fi album is a  orchestra base music which use used huge string, piano, drum and even wood wind to compose the music. The vibe I was doing for this  album is chill and sleepy, which is perfect for studying or for a “easy going listening”. Some of them might be more on the upbeat side, which is something that is perfect for listening while working or running. That being said I still got plenty more music and BGM on my shop and there will be more coming to 


I also willing let people used the music for indie games for free, as long you DM me and discussed terms and agreement contract first. My discord name is Archeon #0745 if you need more info.


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