Hi all! My latest game, An Academy Catastrophe: A Magical Girl Adventure, has been released! It’s free and play-in-browser, with a desktop build planned later: https://shibeyfacegames.itch.io/an-academy-catastrophe

It’s a short action-platformer created for Magical Girl Game Jam 7.  Help Magical Girl June Mejos escape the devious trap set by the Riverview Academy student council… an organization that seems to be more than meets the eye.

An Academy Catastrophe features multiple levels, hordes of enemies, several bosses to fight, and a variety of movement mechanics to explore the environment. For players looking for an extra challenge, there are collectables to find that will challenge your use of June’s skills, and several endings based on collecting them as well as your actions during the final boss fight.

It also has a brand-new original soundtrack by by the amazing Facemelting Solos (@Facemeltingsolo on twitter).

This was supposed to be a small-scope project, but ended up eating what little free time I’ve had lately, and then some! Please give it a try, and check out the trailer below for a look at the game in action:

Source: itch.io