The 1.1 patch of Space Hex Duel is now released (and still PWYW!). 

In Space Hex Duel you place tetris-like hex pieces onto a board to claim territory which become attack bases to defeat your enemy. You can see your opponent’s next pieces, so you have out think them as you plan your moves across a board with various powerups and traps.

Battle over 9 maps (plus tutorial) in Player-vs-Enemy mode or against friends Hotseat Head-to-Head Player-vs-Player mode. Play for as long as you want in Infinite mode. Track your progress with 36 badges to mark in-game achievements.

This is a small patch release, there were no game breaking bugs, so this is mainly “quality of life” improvements. There are a couple of extra screens to support an online connection (feedback page, news display on the main page). Other notable changes include: a timeout on the good AI so It doesn’t sit for minutes in hard situations looking for the best possible move; and a reworded tutorial with a YouTube video for those who just want to jump straight in. Full changelist here.

Itch page:


My internet connection died right after the initial release, and I never got to post at that time. So I thought I’d wait for this, the first patch release. Hope that’s ok.


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