Hi everyone!

Today I’m releasing my horror visual novel Pet. When I create, I’m inspired by storytellers like Toby Fox, Yoko Taro, Dan Salvato, and the world of indie horror games. This game took me a month to make and it was made using Ren’Py, Blender, Clip Studio Pro, and MPC Beats (oh and Notepad++ of course).

It’s about an hour to play, no jump scares. There’s a suggested price of $3.99 but if you can’t pay that much or at all, that’s okay with me!

You play as a woman on her way home from a night with friends. You’re trying to get home to feed your cat Kuma. 

It starts to get very dark and you ends up wandering into an alley with a vending machine in it. 

Do you stay and check out what might be in the machine or do you make your way home?

I would love to see what you think! There are ~7k words, 4(ish) endings, a working vending machine, and of course, the best feature: cat.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoy!


Source: itch.io

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