Hello! I’m SGlueCan! 

I’d like to present my game, Candy Snatch!

Candy Snatch! 

Candy war, the end of friendship!

This is an short RPG game with the theme of reading stories.  You can choose to execute the stories and lead to various endings.

When Elo Cute Collagen Candy is the last one left. With the desire of  ‘Orange Sin’  that wants to eat of Pun and Yu, therefore, there is a battle for the last candy to replenish the collagen in the skin of both of them. 

How will it end!? Who will get the last candy!? However, the “friendship” between the two now had come to an end. 

Almost all events were in the eyes of Aey, a girl who lost faith in friendship.

Link :

English : https://sgluecan.itch.io/candy-snatch-eng

This is orginal language [Thai] : https://sgluecan.itch.io/candy-snatch

Source: itch.io

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