We all are Prisoners of this Remote Island Known as The Village RPG has been released to the wilderness!

Experimental minimalistic 12-word nano-RPG

You can play the game solo, 1+1, 1 vs 1, or as a team/group play. Suitable also for story- and experience-focused playing.

Can be played as an RPG with pen and paper or played as a minimalistic freeform Live-Action Roleplay.

No matter, what and how You play it. Always, Remember to Play it out Fully Emergesed. Setting your Soul on 100% Immersion. 

Meant to be Lived Through.

Check out the game at https://krisseaappenatuominen.itch.io/weallareprisonersof

This Game is part of the This Island Comes With Me JAM, which is run and curated by Krisse Tuominen


Check out Krisse’s Game Maker & Designer Profile on Itch.io:


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