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Unwrap Festival is all about crossovers. Namely, the places where games and entertainment meet, whether that’s film, music, media, or even the interactive designs that have become a hallmark of transmedia campaigns. While each year features a multitude of topics and speakers, there’s also an organizing theme.Initially, that meant pondering how the music industry could use game tech to contend with the turmoil of COVID-19. This year, the focus was more on virtual production and the opportunities of Web3. And each year, the subject matter is expected to evolve—just like in the real world—so students always have a direct line into what’s happening.

The key for Howest is to provide students with a chance to engage with these changes.

“Our curriculum already seeks to train people on applications outside the video game industry, and many of our courses—Communication, Applied Games, Prototyping, Entrepreneurship—are widely applicable,” says Rik Leenknegt, Academic Director at Howest’s DAE Studios. “The challenge isn’t in the skillsets, but in seeding an interest in the entertainment industry. We just want them to know they have options.”

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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