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This game is a prototype that I worked on over the course of a week. It’s a retro first person shooter, with movement inspired by Quake III (though it’s not a 1:1 implementation and Quake enthusiasts will probably be quick to point out any flaws haha). You shoot through enemies while jumping from platform to platform. There are different ways to speedrun the game:

1) Killing all enemies

2) Killing the least enemies (really hard)

3) Getting all secrets. There are 2 and they really aren’t hard to find.

All the art used in the game is not made by me, I give credit in the description of my youtube video if you want to find out who made these assets. It’s a fairly simple game that I enjoyed making and showing to my friends, who beat in 40 seconds!

If you want to ask me about how well godot works with rust (the language, I hope I’m not misleading anyone here thinking it’s the game) feel free, and pretty much all the code is in rust, with the exception of trivial UI elements being written using GDscript. There’s no official speedrun leaderboard but I would like to see people share their clips if they have any. Feel free to also give any constructive criticism. I haven’t made too many 3d games, so my level design is definitely lacking. Especially when I have labels telling the player where to go because my friends had trouble finding out where they had to jump. 

If you decide to watch my youtube video, thanks!

How I made the game:


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