Fallen Under the Darkness is a 12-word minimalistic, surrealistic, experimentative roleplaying game. You can experience it solo, 1+1, as a group play, on the gaming table, or as a freeform Live Action Role Play. 

I made this with my most common creation team: “me, myself, and I”, as my entry for the Fabulous 12-word nano-RPG Jam, called the 12-word RPG Jam

Fallen Under the Darkness

It seems that this Itch.io Jamming is something that I needed after some major writing block issues. There are clear themes and deadlines. There’s some extra motivation. Curators and other game developers. And especially there is no time to endlessly let your brain go buzz buzz. You need to make decisions and do them pretty quickly. And then just let it go and let it flow, you know, to finish it and to publish it.

Even this small nano-RPG, consisting of 12 words and just some added credit info plus a bit of gaming guidance, is on a darker, deeper side, I enjoyed the process of making it. The guidance of the Jam and its current themes led me to float to the dimmer side of my mind and process something from there. The process was a whole lotta funnier, nicer, lighter, and more revealing than I expected.

I hope You all nice folks enjoy the game!

Source: itch.io

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