Come meet Gorgie and experience the very odd town and the folks that live there. This is a weird Solo developed Cartoonish style Spooky Search-n-Find Adventure Puzzle demo. With a bit of customization thrown in. This game is very hard to describe in words, it’s something you have to play for yourself. It’s like a game, inside a game, with a game inside…If that makes sense.

You never know what you might find, so interact, and look around everywhere.

Basic controls, basic game premise, easy to follow storyline. Just Not so basic style, idea, or gameplay.

Still early in the development stages, but I think it’s ready for demo. It’s not perfect, but not terrible either.

Link to the game page:

— FSR 2.1 coming in an Update, Console support coming at a later date.

Thanks and Hope you Enjoy,

The Twisted Monk


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