The demo for Comit Legends is now available here on Itch. The game is a remake of all five Comit the Astrodian games mixed into one compilation and built on a new engine. The demo will include one stage from each Comit game that can be played individually or in a marathon mode. Boss Rush & Speed Run modes will be available in the final version but are locked for the demo.

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Game Type: Platformer
Comit Legends is a remake of the first five Comit games, built from the ground up with a new engine. Replay Comit’s fight against the evil space pirate Krater and the universe conquering leader of the Star Knights, Cosmo Knight. Each game will feature a revamped story as well as level layouts being remixed rather than being a straight copy of the original games.
This game includes remakes of all 5 original Comit games all in one game.


Comit the Astrodian (2016)
The evil half cyborg space pirate, Krater, has unleashed his robotic army on the galaxy in a campaign of stealing all the riches. The Galactic Council has
failed to stop his onslaught and now only one Astrodian Warrior, Comit, is all that remain between Krater and the robbery of every system’s resources.
Comit the Astrodian 2 (2017)
Comit must once stop the evil half cybord space pirate, Krater, from robbing the riches of every system. This time around Krater has upgraded all his gear
and is coming full force for everything. Comit must utilize the power of the Star Crystals to stop Krater once and for all.
Comit the Astrodian 3 (2018)
The powerful Star Knights were unleashed upon the galaxy in search of the Star Crystals that were used to stop the evil half cyborg space pirate, Krater. Comit with the help of his new ally Jupi, but must stop the Star Knight’s and their terrifying leader, Cosmo Knight.
Comit in Cosmo Knight’s Revenge (2019)
Cosmo Knight is back for revenge, and he is focused on taking down Comit the Astrodian at all costs. Comit & Jupi must survive this all-out attack being led by Cosmo Knight’s newest Star Knight, the mysterious Astro Knight.
Comit in Krater Returns (2019)
The evil half cyborg space pirate, Krater, has escaped from Planet Prison and it is up to Comit to stop him. With the Star Crystals now in his sights, Krater plans on rebuilding his army and pillaging the galaxy.


Comit can use his rocket ability to boost his run speed, double jump, hover and boost through over 50 different planets featuring over 100 stages. Collect stars, moons and power-ups to get through the stages and enter bonus stages for a chance to unlock META Comit.


*Boss-Rush Mode (See how far and quickly you can defeat all 50 Bosses in Comit Legends) (FULL GAME ONLY)
*Speed-Run Mode (FULL GAME ONLY)



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