If one thing that being a solo developer has taught me was that often you need not to restrict your creative notions, and think big. Not because it is the right thing to do, but it is often expected from you: Making simple pong-like games no longer suffice. And unfortunately, making games has to be treated as a business (if you wish to make a living out of it). That is why, have decided to go all in on this project and attempt to make something that, hopefully, will fancy the curiosity of others.

That being said, there is not much to show at the moment, apart from one character (seen below), because the project was “just” completely revamped from an older one and everything is in a relatively early stage. Although, have written a short “essay” (sort of a GDD) about the topic (seriously, it has chapters and everything), in a more in depth look of what the project is about, what it tries to achieve and how it will do it; there is a lot of business & design talk in that blog post, if you are interested in that sort of thing (click here to read).

The project can be found here: Itch.io

The core concept of the game is to be a giant, and defend your land from those pesky orcs. There are mission/objectives to take care of on the main battlefield (which focuses more on troop movement, rather than building), as well as “tasks” to do in the “jungle” (where the player gets upgrades and resources from). Because you play as a champion, you are not just in the war (from above), but actively have to participate in it! In close combat! In fact, there will be a lot of action, as part of the game is to explore fast-paced dungeons, whilst in the “jungle”.

This is what the first champion looks like (rendered in engine). There are more pictures in the blog post if curious.

Take care!

Source: itch.io

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