This tweet roasting indie ttrpgs is at least a little bit true. I’ve been pushing some weird games on folks these days with a certain amount of vengeful glee at Wizards of the Coast. I will be reflecting on how to better consider my audience and sharpen my pitches…

But before that healthy bullshit, I’m gonna hate-design a quick, fun, silly game and hack it up on the Internet’s carpet!

Spin the FishBlade is a combination of Everyone is John and Spin the Bottle that creates a story mashing up Finding Nemo with whatever action movie you’re feeling. GMless, diceless, but not knifeless.

I’m far from the first to spit up a FishBlade game, but I was the first to publish one on! Respect to my fellow bladefishes. Our gleaming schools will eviscerate those who think our games being silly fun is an insult.

Have you written a FishBlade yet, or do you have any FishBlade ideas rattling around in your head?  And what fun locus of power would you add to the table for a run of Spin the FishBlade?


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