The big moment has arrived guys! After all these years FreeCol has just delivered it’s big version 1.0.0 release!

Here’s what lead dev Stian had to say about it:
“On this very day, 20 years ago, we made the first public release of FreeCol. Our releases have until now been marked as alpha/beta even though the number of downloads for our game has long been counted in the millions. We are extremely proud to finally announce FreeCol 1.0.0!”


There’s been a huge amount of changes since the last stable release which people can check out a list of on the FreeCol Sourceforge page here:

And of course people can download the new release from here:

FreeCol 1.0.0 Windows Installer (02-Jan-2023)

If you would like to contribute to the FreeCol project please visit our forums for more information:
Or by our subchannel on the Col Fans Discord:

If you’ve never seen or played FreeCol then a year ago I released a HD video tour of the game showing off most of it’s coolest features. Many changes have been made since and the latest game actually looks and feels quite a bit different now due to all the new music, animating oceans, new terrain, and GUI!

Source: Indie DB

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