=> Attack of The lord of The Darkness

Are you able to defend Earth?

Our future is in your skillful hands.

With the help of our best scientists, we’re going to reverse engineer every defeated spaceship and we’re going to get better, faster, more assertive, angrier.

Let’s kick Dark Times back into the hole he came out of.

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Infinite Upgrades

And it’s not just about action and survival! After each wave, you’ll have the chance to choose from a semi-random selection of three power cards to unlock upgrades and become far more powerful than you ever dreamed. The builds will be built with each victory and will vary from game to game in a beautiful roguelike style.

Permanent Upgrades.

Enemies can also drop permanent tech drops, which you can use to unlock additional upgrades and make you a true titan. The higher the difficulty of your game, the higher the chance of dropping alien technology, always, from the third wave of enemies.

Waste no more time and come join this thrilling shooting and survival journey today! Download now and start fighting!


The interface with buttons, menus, screen information, is available in 9 languages.

English,         Portuguese,         Chinese,         Spanish,         Russian,         German,         French,         Korean,         Japanese 

The card images are still in English but have designs that indicate their purpose.

Progressive Wave Shooter Engine Game System

Welcome to our exciting 2D shooting game! With our wave system, you will face enemies that get more and more difficult, try to reach the sixth wave.

Source: itch.io