It Lurks! Game on Steam (click-here).

Meet Nate Hendricks, a Private Detective who’s a bit down on his luck.

Business has been slow and with the bills piling up Nate may have to soon close-up shop. He just needs a break. Perhaps one good case could help him turn things around.

Then one evening, he gets a call from a Doctor Offenhauser who wants to hire him. The Doc doesn’t give many details over the phone, but insists it’s an urgent matter that can’t wait.

Some Game Features:

  • An exciting turn-based and interactive battle-system. Quick reflexes and a strategic use of actions can help you to overcome dangerous foes. Weapons include a .38 Special gun which can be a Detective’s best friend when in a tough jam. It shoots fast and deals a lot of damage, but ammo is limited so choose to use it wisely. There’s also a trusty Combat-Knife used for melee attacks. Plus you’ll have skills and items that can also help.

  • Walls in the foreground will become solid as the Player-character moves away from them, and become translucent when nearing them to help you better explore an area.

  • Fitting music and sound-effects used throughout the game.

  • Some sounds (fire in the fireplace, clocks-ticking, etc…) will become louder or softer as the Player-character nears or walks away from the source.

  • A dark story and a creepy manor to explore.

  • A nice looking menu-system.

  • Use of lighting and other cool effects.





Source: Indie DB

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