Spirits of Baciu – Prologue is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game set in Hoia Baciu forest, one of the most haunted places of the planet. You will follow the adventure of a little spirit waking up into the woods.

How did he get here and what haunts this place?🍃

  • Interact with the environment and solve many riddles
  • Talk to the spirits and collect clues and objects
  • Combine them to get new information
  • Listen to the forest and its habitants… only they can help you!

This is a FREE prologue! 📥 Dowload on itch.io!

The game is also available free on Steam.

We are Horns Level Up Games,  an indie game studio of 2 people from Italy, Keepingfaka & Mihldkae.

We developed the game together, Keepingfaka composed the music& sound and Mihldkae took care of the graphic.

We really hope you enjoy it! 

@hornslevelup 🤘🕹️⬆️

Source: itch.io

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