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About the game: A story inspired by old school survival horror. Play alone or together on split screen. Delve into dark environments; hide or run; fight melee or with guns; climb and solve puzzles to discover the story of Unbearable.

After a round of fixes and tweaks, we believe we have managed to have a stable version of the game, with no critical bugs. However, we are aware that the game is still in an early stage of development and there are many things that need to be improved and added.

However, we want the game to be tested by more people and thus, with the support of the community and their comments, we can fix more bugs and improve the overall experience.

I hope you can enjoy the game, since the only way to make “Unbearable” the horror game we always dreamed of is with the support of this community.


[You can claim it  tomorrow 01/14/2022]


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