Hello the itch.io community!

As people who love playing co-op games (like Deep Rock Galactic, Helldivers, Trine, etc) and people who enjoy learning new things and creating we decided to learn how to make our own online co-op game from scratch. The idea was to create a 15-20 minutes game session (so it doesn’t take too long) for friends to have fun, and each session should give a new experience due to randomness and world generation. We’ve been working on this project since the middle of 2021, refactoring the logic, graphics, music and now we think we are ready to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it 🙂


You and your friends (or AI) are in generated space. Almost everything wants to kill you so be careful. The way you protect yourself from enemies is either to run from them or to push them out.  

Main features

  • 15-25 minutes sessions to play solo with AI or with your friends
  • 6 different zones with their own missions
  • 3 servers: America, Europe, Asia
  • Original soundtracks and SFX
  • Original graphics
  • Launcher that automatically updates new features