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You control a meek cargo ship lost in space nearing alien territory, what will you do to protect your space station and above all, yourself?

BATTLE FOES – Incinerate hostile alien ships with only your thrusters in this action-packed space age game.

UNLIMITED WAVES – Fight your way through waves of savage alien spaceships hellbent on absolute domination with the help of your altered thrusters and a handful of powerups.

DIFFERENT PLAYSTYLES – Five unlockable Playerships ensure a different playthrough experience every time you play with a different spaceship.

INVENTIVE ADVERSARIES – Outrun self-destructing ships that charge at you with reckless abandon while evading countless guided missiles. Prevent relentless bots from destroying your space station and execute escape maneuvers to evade lasers. Oh and also, we wouldn’t recommend touching the electric balls being flung towards you.

EXALTING MUSIC – Groove to the awesome soundtrack as you fry hundreds of nasty alien ships to bits.



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