In Crawling to the Brink, 1-2 players are Senior Prophecy Analysts, using your Oracles to divine the secrets that sixteen remaining survivors of a mysterious event hold within their minds. To do this, you’ll roll dice and slide Diviners (tokens, meeples, coins, whatever) along cards. You are, in effect, harvesting the visions these sixteen have had (“harvest” being the Ludum Dare 52 theme). Sixes allow you to choose any card in the respective row, and one set of dice (the Epiphanal Dice) allow you to use the respective card in whichever row you wish, while your opponent must move along the one in the opposite row. Diviners hop over one another, but if they go beyond the last space on a card they’re either lost or move to the opposite side…a loss of important progress in either case.

Playing wisely allows you to push an opponent ahead only to leap over them, push an opponent off of the end of a card, or get yourself safely to the last space of a card so you can construct a vision and claim the card for yourself (potentially forcing your opponent’s Diviner on the card to be lost as well). The first player to reach a total of 30+ in constructed visions (a 5, 7, 9, and 9, for example) wins the game!

The game includes standard PDF pages as well as booklet versions of both the rules and a short story.

You can get the game right here:


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