Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed (and Call of the Desert) released!

In development for over a year, I’m pleased to announce the release of Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed alongside its sequel, Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert. In both games, you struggle to free birds trapped in cages by throwing rocks at them. However, when the birds are released, they are not grateful to you—instead, they pick up the same rocks and try to hurt you with them! 

Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed is released as pay-what-you want. If you pay $5.99 USD or more (or $4.79 or more for the launch sale), you also get Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert, featuring sixteen all-new, unique stages and several new types of birds and challenges. 

Both games have single-player and two-player cooperative modes. The action is fast, frantic, and a little bit slapstick.


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