The Crescent Archipelago is narrative-driven fantasy game built in RPG Maker MV. It’s currently available as a free download.


The Crescent Archipelago follows the story of Zeljo Kane, goblin scholar and mercenary captain, as he and his crew escort a surveyor into the Corlea Caverns. Over the course of their simple assignment, the crew’s lives are altered forever when a mysterious floating island appears at the centre of the archipelago. Intent on discovering how a vision from the past could physically manifest in the present, Kane becomes determined to explore the floating island, and the crew will soon uncover the sins of an ancient, imperialistic empire that once called the sky its homeland.

Game Features

  • A five-to-six-hour narrative driven by themes of technology’s destructive potential and the corruptive nature of power, religion, and imperialism.
  • A turn-based battle system with a timed attack system. Use timed skills to recover MP, deal bonus damage, score guaranteed criticals, apply debuffs to enemies, and more!
  • A journey through the archipelago’s most dangerous environments and into the levitating ruins of a fallen empire.


The Crescent Archipelago is the first game in my new fantasy series The Unformed Adamah. I hope you’ll have time to check out my studio’s page and give The Crescent Archipelago a try! 


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