At the end of September, I joined several other Unity representatives in Orlando, Florida, for the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). While I have been to many recruiting events before, I had never been to a conference as big as this one. In 2021, GHC virtually hosted 29,000 people, and holds the record for the world’s largest gathering of women in computing.

During our time at the conference, our recruiters had a lot of early mornings and late nights but, nonetheless, it was always fun. We usually started our day at 8:00 am sharp, when we could be spotted running to the shuttle stop to make it to the convention center on time. 

During the day, attendees could find the smiling and welcoming faces of our team at the booth, talking to potential candidates about the business and open opportunities. The career fair closed each evening at 5:00 pm; however, because we had so many candidates who wanted to speak with us, we would usually stay for an extra 30–45 minutes. Other conference events included participating in onsite internship interviews led by our University team or volunteers from across Unity. Having volunteers available allowed us to carry out all interviews and, later, make some internship offers.

Although GHC was full of long days and nights, it was one of my favorite conference engagements because of the talent and drive evident in the room. It was rewarding to connect with so many candidates who were really excited to talk about Unity and eager to show us the projects they have built or are working on with our software.

A second reason I enjoyed GHC was due to it being my first chance to meet all my wonderful teammates in person. These days, since we primarily meet and chat virtually, it was nice to see each other in person. The conference gave us the chance to spend five days working together and getting to know one another. 

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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