Hello all! This is Team Garganta here to announce our game, Garganta! This is a first-person parkour platformer inspired by the incredible works of Tsutomu Nihei, who you may know is behind such manga as ‘Blame!’ and ‘Biomega’. In the game, you embody a highly advanced android exploring a massive, mysterious structure in the dead of space.

The game can be very fast-paced and is very speedrun-able, let us know what time you get to complete it!

This game was originally a group project for RMIT’s Game Design course, but we are still working very hard to bring it to you. We really hope you enjoy the game, and keep an eye out for exciting updates in the future, including a Steam page!

Play it here!

We paid lots of attention to the art and level design of the game, hoping to do justice to Nihei’s incredibly massive, desolated worlds. From the dark, lonely corridors to the chaotic, gargantuan (hehe) megastructures.

A sneak peek at one of our game’s secrets ^

Source: itch.io