I stream on Twitch every week and a few years back we did an installment of our “GAME HELL” series where I rapid fire short/bad games based upon The SCP Foundation. This game is something I created specially for that particular stream. “Escape From Flea Market Montgomery” is a survival game where you are pursued by apparitions of Sammy Stephens who is trying to capture you and take you to Flea Market Montgomery which is, allegedly, “just like a mini mall”.

Don’t think about this game too much. It’s just a gag I made for my stream but since I want to get more involved with game design in 2023 I thought I’d share this game here as an icebreaker.

This game worked fine on my stream PC back in 2017 however there appears to have been a Windows Update or something that rendered this game incompatible with certain configurations of the OS. I personally haven’t been able to get it working on my other editing/design PC but it does still work elsewhere. You might need to run it out of a virtual machine running Windows 7 or something if problems persist. Seeing as how I don’t have access to this game’s compiler I can’t exactly update it that easily.

(Note: EFFMM is based on code by Undertow Games for their release “SCP-087-B”. Changes made for EFFMM abide by the terms of their licensing.)


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