Hey everyone!

I have just launched my latest asset pack, and it’s the biggest one yet! Alien Lands is a pixel art asset pack themed around an alien planet, containing 600+ assets, listed below. 

You can chet it out at https://akannis.itch.io/alien-lands-asset-pack

Here’s a list of what you’ll get:

  • lots of exterior and interior tilesets, with terrain details for the exterior ones

  • lots of vegetation (trees, bushes, crops with growth stages)

  • bedroom, livingroom and kitchen furniture and appliances, with 4 directional placement

  • lots of resources, like wood, rocks, ores, ingots, with tools to harvest them

  • inventory icons for all the resources and tools (and toolbar and inventory  UI icons)

  • 6 characters (1 female and 1 male, each in 3 colours), with 4-directional idle and walk animations.

The pack is still in development, with more things to come: some missing interior tiles, a weapon, death and attack animations, some colour variation for the furniture, and possibly other unplanned things as well!

Since this coincides with the Christmas sale, you can get this pack at 50% off, or even a little less, bundled with my other packs!

Check it out, hope you enjoy it!

Source: itch.io