The second venture for the new sci-fi TTRPG Stillfleet is not only a playable scenario, but an entire sourcebook for exploring the harsh desert world of Radanaar. Introducing, The Rain Thieves.

Written by Stillfleet Studio’s banshee (technologist), Aaron H., The Rain Thieves is a 100-page (pun-intended) sandbox story and setting that can be used for a one-off venture or an entire campaign. At a glance:

  • An eco-political story (will the players destabilize a fragile ecosystem on the promise of helping other worlds, later?)
  • Whole new rules to emphasize the struggle for survival in extreme rock-side environments
  • New encounters—including the fearsome tank-bug xiphosome and even an agent of H.Co.
  • Many new archaetech and Spinside items
  • New NPCs, locations, settings, and of course weird foods

Here are just a few images by Ethan Gould from the book, which is full of original art by the entire Stillfleet Studio, maps, and graphic design by Sunaree Paiwong:


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