Hi!, im Cristian Perez, game designer/solo developer on Space Games, im happy to announce the worldwide release of SG´s Futgolf™ – Pro Tour (Ultra-HD version) for PC (Windows 32 and 64 bit)

Download it at:

  • Itch.io: ($4.99) (PC version)


ESRB Rating: Everyone (Suitable for all audiences).

Created, developed and produced by Cristian Perez

Music by Neocrey, Plastic sound design, Idev and DavidKBD


  • Works from 4th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors, also equivalent or superior

  • 8GB of Ram

  • Compatible with Joystick or gamepad

Coming soon too:

-Year 606 – The history of Nordic Wolf (Pc/console)

-Year 2606 – The history of cockroach (Pc/console)

-The mystery of the cat with a scarf (Pc/console)

-Go to https://linktr.ee/SpaceGames_IndieDevelopment for more content!!!

Very soon more news in video games!!!

Space Games by Cristian Perez

Source: itch.io

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