Hello! My name is Maris. I’m a solo game developer, and I’ve been working on this game for quite a while. The development of this game isn’t finished yet. I still have a long way to go, so I decided to list my game on itch.io https://maris-software.itch.io/cars-lp to get some feedback.

-About Cars LP.

The game is open world street racing with low poly graphics, the player starts as a broke car guy with his old car who compete in street races trying to earn some money for upgrading his car, as the player gain experience he will unlock newer and more powerful vehicles .

-About the racing events.

At the moment there are only 4 events where you can choose from. Each racing event difficulty is based by the car level used by the player, as the car level is higher the reward is higher.

Street Race: Is held on medium length course with 4 cars involved and has pretty high reward level.

Street Time Trial: is held on medium to long length course with only the player competing against the time and has medium reward level.

Drag Race: Is held on 400-meter straight road with only 2 cars competing , very short race with low reward level.

Off-road Time Trial: Is held on medium to long length course with only the player competing against time and has high reward level.

More racing events and map expansions will come in the future!

For now that’s about it, I also let the community shape this game with ideas and suggestions for existent content and also for future content, to be more in touch with this project you can join my Discord channel https://discord.gg/HZY9UZKTQt

Source: itch.io

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