…is a level-based stealth comedy-horror game about a Thief who doesn’t go shopping but instead takes his shopping list and breaks into random houses to get his things.


It also offers a free Demo!

The game has been on Steam for a while and now it’s time to release it here on Itch.io as well. With a launch sale because the game was already on sale on Steam (before/currently is).

It took so long because I wasn’t sure how to deal with selling it on two different stores since only the Steam version has full multiplayer. The Itch version only offers local multiplayer (same network) in addition to single-player. But that could be bypassed by using a proxy software. 
 I didn’t just want to sell keys for the Steam version here on itch, so the full game is now available for download here. 

 Have fun!

Source: itch.io

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