Hey!! I just released my first ever game titled, We Live Inside a Dream which is available to play now, for free!

We Live Inside a Dream is a first person interactive experience combining elements of the FPS, horror, puzzle, driving and stealth genres. Experience the uncanny town of Snoqualmie: The Hotel, Double R Diner, The Sheriffs Department, The Convenience Store, The Red Room and much more. Uncover the mystery of the missing Deputy and answer the question of…who is the dreamer?…but be cautious as the road may not even lead you there…

Few notable features are:

  • Full English Voice Acting
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Interactive Journal
  • Interpretive Story
  • Hidden Arcade Mode
  • Toggleable Crosshair
  • Toggleable PS1 Graphics, VHS Effect + Black & White Filter

Link to play: https://mrwhalefarmer.itch.io/we-live-inside-a-dream

Hope you guys enjoy! 

Source: itch.io

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