After months of working, today we are very excited to announce the release of The Platform, a futuristic low poly survival game, where everything happens on a platform, somewhere high above the skies.

Your purpose in this strange and unknown world is to survive as much as possible, collect resources and use them to turn your small platform into a huge and imposing base. Put your imagination and creativity at work, and build something unique, using different structures and buildings, and don’t forget, not even the sky is the limit for what you can do in The Platform!


● Gather resources! Use the grappler to catch resources falling from the sky!

● Craft! Make tools, buildings and more to help you survive!

● Build! Extend your small platform into a huge, imposing base!

● Survive! Feed, hydrate and keep an eye opened all the time or something bad might happen!

In case you like what you just read, we would really appreciate if you would also try our game:


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