I’m Christophe Galati, the developer of Save me Mr Tako, I’m happy to announce that my game is now available on itchio!


Save me Mr Tako is the first game I made as an indie between 2014-2018, mostly on my own (with the help of composer Marc-Antoine Archier). The game is a platformer RPG, I like to call it Kirbyvania. You play as an octopus which can shoot ink to enemies to turn them into platforms. You can also wear 50 different hats that will change you power.  You’ll have to travel the world through hubs, towns, dungeons and levels, while following the story.

2014 was Game Boy 25th anniversary, that’s why I took references in a lot of games which helped me when I was growing up. My goal was to create a great adventure paying tribute to this era, while sharing more personal and modern messages through it’s story (in a jrpg kind of way).

Despite its cute aesthetic, the game is quite dark and feature a deep story, which you will discover during the 20h of gameplay. 

 The game had a rocky start with its former publisher, which led to me republishing it from zero last year as an improved Definitive Edition. Now that I recovered my game rights, I’m glad I can do more stuff with it, like publishing it on Itch.io! ^^

I’m since then working on a new game called Himitsu Project, I hope I’ll be able to publish a demo here on itchio when it will be ready, so feel free to follow me!

It’s been a long adventure, thank you all for your support, I hope you will enjoy the game!


Source: itch.io

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