Do you watch a bunch of Christmas movies? So do we! This year, while you’re watching them, see how many of those you can find with Christmas Card Bingo! The game is available in a 4-page zine or on pages that can be cut into four cards, and the full game includes 10 unique cards (numbered to make them easy to tell apart) with nearly 80 different things to find randomized across them. See how many bingos you can make in one movie, or see if you can fill in the whole card across multiple movies! There are also blank cards so you can make your own.

The full PDF includes all of the following, just print what you want:

  • 1 page explaining the overall document, including rules
  • 10 individual zines, each identical aside from their bingo cards, which are numbered. Each of these has rules in them as well so they’re fully self-contained.
  • 2 individual zines, also identical except that the bingo cards inside are blank (one still has the Bechdel test as the center square, and one has a blank center square)
  • 12 pages with four bingo cards and no rules. The first 2 are blank (again, one with the Bechdel test as the center square, one has a blank center square) and then the other 10 have randomized cards on them.

There’s also a free version (demo) that includes two of the four-page zines: cards #1 and #2. This works perfectly for a solo or two-player game, trying it out, or using the same card to see who’s paying more attention!

You can grab the full game or the demo right here:


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