Sorry for my bad english. 

Hello i’m DREAM_SEARCH_REPEAT I’m a amateur / still learning / strangely motivated / south american / trying but mostly wishing to be a game developer some day or at least learn one thing or two about that. (my bad sence of humor just kick in). 

I want to show you this game i was working during a few month’s “where are you brother?”

Set in some kind of nearby future (i mean with little sci fi elements) a man witch brother is sended to a future war decide to go looking for him after that same war ended and the protagonist’s brother don’t return home.

I leave a link to a attemp of trailer.

and the game itself:

I’m still working on it. And i’m open to any feedback.

Wish you a  nice day/night (whatever it is where you are reading this šŸ™‚ ).


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