Tales of Lontebia is a free adult visual novel set in a medieval fantasy setting.

You always wanted to be an adventurer, but as the heir to the throne, you were rarely allowed to leave the castle. Now that you’re older, you’ve finally managed to convince your mother (The Queen) to let you join her as she is travelling across the kingdom. However, you are attacked by unknown forces. One of the knights rescue you and you both hide in a small town at the edge of the border.  Your journey begins here.

Meet with a bunch of characters with unique personalities. Make friends or enemies in your quest to reclaim what is yours. Spend time with girls to build relationships with them, unlock new areas, quests and fully animated erotic scenes.

With over 1000 images, animations, music, sound effects and much more to come!

This game is in development.



Open world gameplay

You can freely move around the map and speak with the characters that you want to.


Easily keep track of what objectives you currently have, and know what to do to advance in the story.


During the story, you can buy different items to help you finish quests or to improve your relationship with characters.

Character screens

Keep track of how you stand with each character. Unlock new images as you level up.

Funny scenarios

There are many comedic events throughout the story.

Source: itch.io

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