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Magic d8 Itch cover

We just released Magic d8, a journaling game where you list out some of the major people and items you interacted with or saw during your day and then put a mystical twist on them before turning any negative experiences into positives. It walks the line between silly and encouraging, and you can play it daily to help you reflect and learn from your experiences.

You can grab it here, where it’s PWYW until the Lesser Loved Dice TTRPG Jam voting ends in just over 29 days –> https://quirkybirdgames.itch.io/magic-d8 After that it’ll be $3.

This is a physical game, and while printing the rules and prompts is nice, it’s not necessary. If you don’t want to (or can’t) print anything, you can just refer to the digital rules and write out the numbers 0-9 (you cross some of them out as you play).

Source: itch.io

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