The Starving Tournament – Open Alpha Update 0.75


  • Fixed Round System and Respawning (Sometimes one player controller would be spawned multiple times when killed in round based mode)
  • Fixed Bow Animation
  • Minor improvements of appereance

New features:

  • Tent Pickup + possibility to build tent
  • Energy Bar (getting tired) + Sleeping (possible near tents, in tent soon)
  • Bagpack
  • Collect Beef from dead animals

The Survival Mode is getting stronger!

Our player got another status bar with a sleeping symbol – and that’s what it is for, getting tired. Be sure to find a tent when it gets too low or the character will just fall over and sleep. Sleeping in an area crowded with enemies is possibly no good idea.

Added a backpack that expands the inventory slots to 5 – still not much to carry but beef and berries for example can be stapled and planning what you take with you and what not is a big part of the strategy.

Hunting is no longer just for fun but you can collect beef from dead animals. Eat raw meat for now and we’ll add a cooking system later


The blue fog blends better into the sky and fits thre CI of the game well. What do you think?


When picking up a tent bag and selecting it in the inventory the new building system can be seen. The placement cube will take the size of the object to build (for now tent only). Clicking the left mouse button places the tent (when cube is green) and clicking the right mouse button drops the tent bag.




In front of the tent you can start sleeping.


Sleeping does not look very healthy for now and the player doesn’t make it into the tent. But at least it fills up the energy bar.


With the bow looking to the front it is easier to aim again.


Source: Indie DB

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