Jelly Brawl OUT NOW on Xbox

Make a Mess as You Fight to be The Last Jelly Standing!


It’s finally time to make a mess with the full release of Jelly Brawl out now on Xbox! The indie game blew up on Steam, surpassing 150,000 downloads on the demo, Jelly Brawl: Classic! But now it’s time to let Xbox players struggle to be the last jelly standing!

About Jelly Brawl:

Jelly Brawl is a sticky and destructive multiplayer party game where you gotta jiggle, flop, and pop your way to the top! Fight alone or against friends for freedom from a mad king across tons of stages, mini games, and modes as you wrestle to be the last jelly standing!

Xbox Release Trailer:

Jelly Brawl is available now on Steam and Xbox for $9.99 USD

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Source: Indie DB

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