I am a random individual and I made a game about sorting.

Sort eight colored orbs in groups of 4 to earn as many points as you possibly can because YES.


It’s got four gamemodes!

  • Infinite: sort forever
  • Blitz: sort quickly for a high score in a short time
  • Clear: get as many capsules cleared as quickly as you can
  • Knockout: splitscreen multiplayer

It’s also got 16 tracks of music (5 casual, 4 tense, 2 KO) totaling over 30 minutes. Which I’m also giving out the .mp3s of them for free 😀

It’s also got a little bit of contrast assistance. It’s there.

You can also change the combotimer length and the orbcount with no penalty 🙂

So yeah, check it out if you want.


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Source: itch.io

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