Hey there, just posting to let you know about my new interactive fiction game ‘No One Else Is Doing This’, a workplace sim based on my experience doorknocking for a community organisation. It’s very short (around 15 minutes), and gained the second-highest number of votes in this year’s IFcomp, placing 26th overall. Hope you enjoy!


You are a community organiser. This is your job, four nights out of five; you sell people hope on their doorsteps.

But your passion for the work is waning, and you’re struggling to hit your targets. Can you recruit enough members before the end of your shift? Or will your fallible human body get the better of you?

A short workplace simulator about knocking doors, slacking off, and falling out of love with a movement.

Link: https://laurenodonoghue.itch.io/no-one-else-is-doing-this

Source: itch.io

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